So basically last night we made a trade with a friend elizabethcousin that wasn’t like a great trade for us… we traded our monster (under the) bed and two exclusives (the rockin’ robot digital clock and neon plant) for a newton’s giant cradle (which we were mildly interested in) and a shell racer (which we already have). The whole agreement was that we’d make the trade IF elizabeth sent the bed as a gift to brooster, who had been begging for the bed for awhile.

However, a huge mistake was made, elizabethcousin accidentally sent brooster the newton’s giant cradle and shell racer which were supposed to be ours. Brooster, thinking this was the gift promised, then used the cradle and another potm to make an unbelievale trade with a girl who was rather desperate for those potms and was willing to trade 7 superbeds, including the monster (under the) bed. Now elizabethcousin didn’t realize she had sent to brooster and figures she had just sent another gift earlier and therefore needed to add brooster’s other account to send her the bed. But brooster had to go before they could add each other and as many of you know, the add button on the phones was not working yesterday.

So then elizabeth had our bed and two exclusives, and brooster had the cradle (which got traded for 7 superbeds) and our shell racer. This didn’t have to be a problem, but the way I see it, elizabeth should have just kept the two exclusives, but given back the bed as brooster had received our trade for it. But no, elizabeth decided to send the bed to brooster, and brooster would just send us the turtle car and elizabeth would send back the exclusives. What this comes down to is that we traded our superbed for a shell racer, which we did not need, and brooster now has two monster beds, and intends to trade one. Whoever agrees that we are right please go to http://freewebs.com/kinzbaygirls and tell them that as we are never going to there again after some of the things we got called and the way we were treated for simply and originally trying to do something nice. Technically the conflict was resolved with a couple psfs but it still isn’t really fair at all.


Whoever goes there and expresses their opinion on the matter will receive a w-shop item of good value and of their choice for every post they make on the guestbook and the person who does the most gets an exclusive.


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We got a new AIM for the blog 🙂 So whoever has AIM, add Nikimapita and we’ll trade and stuff there if anyone wants to! (This is just an option for trading, we still keep with our trading list, don’t worry) 😛


Oh yeah, and look to the right at our pages, there are new pages!!!

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Ok, here is what we are looking at currently in terms of people entered in the contest, but obviously we probably forgot a few cuz I’m doing this off the top of my head. So if we told you that you are in and your name isn’t here, let us know. And if you aren’t on the list but would like to be, make sure to tell us what you’ve done around these webkinz blogs to help others and just plain be nice 🙂

  •  dogbelle
  • cody
  • sunshinebear
  • mochababe
  • wlover12 (Rebecca)
  • lucky
  • kinzlove/tms321
  • Jake
  • smiley97
  • chocolate
  • saraheolsen
  • pink25great

The prizes we’re giving out this month (yes, we’re holding this contest every month and once you’re on the list, you’re automatically entered forever) are the lilac party dress, and second prize is a jellybean tree. I know the prizes aren’t the most stupendous, but lol, we’re going to have this contest every month with some kind of feature code or something of the sort as a prize 🙂


As a side note, while at the store today I overheard a woman saying that the box had the schnauzer, penguin, and GIRAFFE!!! Does this mean it was a Webkinz and that it is going to be RELEASED soon??? We’ve heard rumors of a giraffe but didn’t think it would come this soon! 🙂

Drawing will be held on the 30th 🙂

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Favoritism on the part of Gelly Ann??? (sorry)- lol, NOT REALLY!!! Don’t take this so seriously :-P


 Haha, everyone thinks I’m mad at Gelly Ann!!! I’m not, just a bit sad. 🙂 Don’t worry, it is really just a mindless rant 😛

Alright, so we entered Gelly Ann’s poetry contest and lost 😦 But I don’t see how!!! Seriously I put in hours writing a poem, even made it a song to work with a guitar and I ALWAYS win poetry contests in like real-life! My last poem was picked as 12th INTERNATIONALLY in this one poetry club I joined and somehow I can’t manage to win a little poetry contest for a duck PSI on a Webkinz blog??? What is going on here??? Anyways, I just want to hear some feedback and see if anyone else agrees with me, cuz as much as I love pupyluv, I put a lot of effort and really think we should have won…

Here’s our poem:

Merry as the leaves are falling
Always ready to play
Yowling if her dreams are calling
But loving every day!
Enters your heart with jubilation
Laughs all through the town
Learns, bearing no hesitation
Ends up the brightest clown )


And here is pupyluv’s (who won):

S sweet furry little friend
U unique in every way
G gracefull,generous,playful
A athletic quiet creature
R rare expesive taste!

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Go here as well… spread the love :)

Hey, be awesome and see this blog to raise their hits 🙂 http://8njkk8njkk.wordpress.com Help them out and keep up our policy of kindness all the time 🙂 Have a nice day!!!

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Help Them Out :)

Hey, I stumbled on this site, and the person seems to be just starting out and in need of hits and all that so guys please help them out! 🙂 here’s the link 🙂 :   http://webkinzcollecter.wordpress.com  Go there!!! 🙂

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Trading List

Here’s what we want to trade:

Retired Exclusives:

  • Venus Fly Trap
  • Totem Pole

Rare Room Themes:

  • Hockey (ALL)
  • Country (ALL)
  • Some Halloween theme (yes we have the bed)
  • Trading Card Series 1 Desk


  • Sandwich Table

PSIs (Pet Specific Items):

  • Cocker Spaniel (Buried Bone Fridge)


  • Winterfest Items
  • Christmas Trees (First Snow)
  • Webkinz Day 3 Trophy x3
  • Webkinz Day 3 Photo Shoot x2
  • Cinnamon Hearts
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Loader Lounger(s)
  • Arte Fact Plush Toy(s)
  • Jellybeans (in pile, not in jar, RARE!!!)
  • Bee Costume
  • All 3 Wacky Zangoz Candy Bats


We are most interested in trading for:

  • Halloween items
  • retired exclusives
  • gamers garden items
  • game room items (not walls and floors)
  • trading card series 1 & 2 rooms
  • any trading card items…
  • charm codes…
  • ambulance
  • webkinz theme music box
  • PSFs for our collection

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